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You do Past Life Regressions? 

Can you tell me more? 

Have you ever felt like maybe you were someone else in another life? 

Maybe you have feelings, memories, "knowledge", or fears that don't make sense with the life you've lived thus far.

You might believe that our soul lives on after death, where we return to life again and again to complete the growth and evolution of our soul.

"Earth School Lessons", if you will.

Past, current, and future lives are our soul's way of learning, evolving, and growing. Earth, and our bodies, are the laboratory for our evolution. Our soul chooses our lives, our teachers, and our challenges to gain experience, overcome challenges, and learn the lessons we need for evolution.  

Why would I want Past Life Therapy?

Sometimes we don't complete all of our life's lessons, and we carry them to the next lifetime.  Sometimes we can't let go of another person, emotions, beliefs, or energy from another life.  Instead, we carry it with us into future lives. This hinders our growth in this life.  

Past Life Regression Therapy is not just about "seeing" who you were in another life. It's therapy for a reason, with the goal of determining if there are lessons, experiences, or pieces of another lifetime that you have brought into this one that are affecting your life now. They may be showing up as a karmic debt, or to help you enhance your understanding of what your purpose and growth challenges are in this lifetime.  

So, how is Past Life therapy going to help me? 

We can use Past Life Therapy to clear old energies that you no longer need to hold, to make sure that you maintain all of your energy in your current body, to understand what your current karma is, to understand what lessons show up in this lifetime, and to determine how to make better choices in this lifetime.  Past Life Therapy is not a necessity to grow in this life; we are given all of the lessons we need in this lifetime. But for some, it is a way of reaching more understanding or healing and integrating parts of themselves that they have not yet been able to do in other ways.

How do you do Past Life Therapy? 

Just like in a hypnotherapy session, my voice and directions will ease you into a trance-like state, during which you will be in an extreme state of focus on your subconscious. Through this hypnotic trance, you will be able to access past life experiences. I will ask you questions to help you uncover why you are visiting this past life at this time, what needs healing, how it is influencing your life now, and if anything needs to be left in that lifetime rather than returned to this lifetime with you.  You will use your inner knowing to complete your healing.  I will follow and guide you along the way.  You may choose to participate in one past life regression session, or you may find that multiple sessions suit you.  

Past Life Regression Therapy is a unique and deep way of understanding our soul at a level we may not reach in other ways.  If you are interested, please reach out and try a session today.  

Christy McGurgan, LPC, ACHt

Licensed Professional Counselor

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Reiki Master

Certified Yoga Instructor

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